C-PART System


We are specialised in an extensive range of mounting materials and fasteners for industrial production and for maintenance and servicing. In addition to a comprehensive standard range, our strength lies in customised logistical and planning supply and service concepts.



It goes without saying that screws, nuts and washers are not the most important components of an industrial system or machine. However, without a doubt, these C-PART are essential for the ultimate end product.

C-PART features:

  • Parts with secondary importance for the end product
  • Low-priced materials with a maximum value < EUR 20.00 per piece
  • Excessive procurement cost compared to the value
  • Offset via material overheads
  • Parts that are handled in bulk

Although the purchasing volume of these C-PART is very low, the procurement costs are very high. During boom times with high levels of demand, handling repeat orders and coordinating these items for industrial manufacturing companies can be almost overwhelming.

This is precisely where we come in with our C-PART solutions, Kanban solutions and other modular logistics solutions.


The modular C-Parts management system offers you maximum supply security for your C-PART, reduces inventory levels in your production to a minimum while at the same time minimising capital commitment as far as possible.

C-PART management includes:

An optimal, tailor-made C-PART solution under the CPS® service brand to meet your requirements is not just organize of your C-PART.

We provide the entire logistics management service and integrate your C-PART suppliers.


Simplify your processes, maximize the protection of safety stock, and provide more transparent supply chain management, and omprehensively reduce the cost in the process of material turnover and procurement.

With the combined application of the various types of modules in the CPS® C-type parts management system, we provide ideal solutions for customers' various working environments and needs. From a fully automated kanban system to a material shelf that supports barcode scanning, all modules can be easily combined to meet your needs for optimizing processes and saving costs in manufacturing and supply chain controlling.