Würth TW

Company View

Würth Taiwan Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and fast-growing company in the family of the German WÜRTH Group. Currently, we have nearly 400 employees and have established a comprehensive sales and service network throughout Taiwan.

We have five divisions:

Our product categories mainly include high-quality fasteners, chemicals, hand tools, industrial safety supplies, abrasive consumables, anchors, etc. In addition, we provide customers with a series of system solutions and communications to assist customers in improving procurement, inventory, logistics and cost management.


Würth System Solutions

Würth Communication Network

  • Business Sales Representatives
    A team of more than 300 sales representatives daily visits and serves customers .
  • Telesales
    Professional team call and provide fast customer service.
  • E-commerce
    A 24/7 one-stop procurement and sales platform with integrated resources.

We are committed to being the best Service Provider!