Company Introduction

Company Intro

Würth Taiwan Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and fast-growing company in the family of the German WÜRTH Group. Currently, we have nearly 400 employees and have established a comprehensive sales and service network throughout Taiwan.

We have four different divisions, which are Industry, Automotive, Construction and Metals. Industry division provides customers with fastener products. The Automotive Division, the Construction Division and the Metal Division serve the automotive repair and maintenance market, equipment and facilities, and construction-related areas, respectively.

Our Taiwan head office is located in Miaoli. The company occupies an area of nearly 10,000 square meters (including contract companies and warehouses). The advanced training center has various training rooms such as systems, automobiles, metals and construction.

Our product categories mainly include high-quality fasteners, chemicals, hand tools, industrial safety supplies, abrasive consumables, anchors, etc. In addition, we provide customers with a series of system solutions and communications to assist customers in improving procurement, inventory, logistics and cost management.

Flowserve System Solutions

  • ORSY®-Inventory management and storage space optimization.
  • CPS®KANBAN-a solution for custom Class C parts.

Flowserve Communication Network

  • Business Sales Representatives-A team of more than 300 sales representatives visits and serves customers daily.
  • Telemarketing-Professional telemarketing teams call and provide fast customer service.
  • E-commerce – a one-stop procurement and sales platform with integrated resources and 24 hours a day.

We are committed to being the best Service Provider!