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The basis of the Kanban system is simple. It is a rolling two-bin system that provides C-Parts "just-in-time"-directly to the point of use. The system demonstrates great potential for adjustment if requirements change, maximum delivery and supply security at reduced inventory levels and minimal capital commitment.

The flow of materials in Kanban systems from Würth Industry is managed with two bins, each of which has a barcoded Kanban label that specifies the customer, storage location, item, bin, batch and quantity in more detail.

Each bin movement is monitored and captured so that we can give you information about the status of your Kanban program at any time-ensuring availabilty of your parts.

The data is used to schedule all C-Parts at or close to the point of use, to optimize stock levels and to update statistical data. As a customer, you can find all of this information using the CPS®ONLINE information platform.

The customizable Kanban systems offered by Würth Industry under the service brand CPS®KANBAN provide the flexibilitly of creating a program that meets the needs of your production demands. These Kanban systems are used predominantly by industrial customers in the manufacturing of their installations and products.

Together with you, we will plan an optimal and cost-efficient solution.

Our target is to increase your productivity through a just-in-time supply via the Würth Kanban system.

Our services:

  • Stock keeping & material planning
  • Arrangement of deliveries
  • Replenishment of bins
  • Regular stock-checking
  • Regular checks of the racking system to ensure it is in good order

Our Solutions:

  • Create your own customized Kanban system
  • Kanban bins
  • Kanban systems/ racks
  • Benefits of Kanban


1. Which products do you need?

We work with you to define and specify them: Required products and specifications as well as annual demands.

2. What does your KANBAN system look like?

Based on the required products and quantities, we will plan your KANBAN system: Number and types of bins and number and types of shelves.

3. What will happen behind the scenes?

Würth will order the planned KANBAN equipment and build up stocks for the required products.

4. Who is setting up the system?

The whole Kanban system will be set up by Würth. Würth will also provide individual barcode labels for bins and shelves.



W-KLT® is available in three sizes:

  • W-KLT® 2115: 200 x 150 x 150 mm (3.2 litre)
  • W-KLT® 3215: 300 x 200 x 150 mm (5.3 litre)
  • W-KLT® 4315: 400 x 300 x 150 mm (10.0 litre)

Each bin is provided with a custom-made label including information about the customer name, the item description, the customer and Würth item number as well as the dimensions and drawings of the item.



Less space and racks are necessary with the Würth racking system, offering you optimum use of space and a well-arranged, clean storage solution.

The advantages of the racking systems:
  • Minimised space requirements
  • Standardised racking systems
  • Optimised for Würth W-KLT® bins
  • Minimised contamination of your goods
  • Everything well arranged
Shelves are available in two sizes:
  • Shelf 660: 660 x 660 x 2050 mm (Suitable for W-KLT® 2115, 3215)
  • Shelf 800: 660 x 800 x 2050 mm (Suitable for W-KLT® 2115, 3215, 4315)
Available add-ons to the common racks:
  • Rack with glass door
  • Rack with wheels
  • Rack with workbench
Kanban rack labels

Each item has its own place in the rack, indicated by an additional label.