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Art and Culture

Our engagement focuses on the areas of art, culture and sport issues.

Art and Culture

Art and Culture

A strong commitment to art and culture is just as much a part of the corporate culture of Würth as the combination of visionary ideas and concrete action. For this reason, museums and hall with multifunction have been built not only at the headquarters in Künzelsau but also at other company offices around the world.

Currently the corporate collects more than 11.000 works of art, focusing on art of the 20th and 21st centuries; nine art forums function as meeting points, enabling direct dialog between industry and society. Würth’s own academy has offered a diverse cultural program in the multifunction hall for more than 15 years, both for employees of the company and external visitors.

“I am absolutely convinced that lively and critical exposure to art leads to an appreciation of corporate culture. The employees certainly feel good in this environment, which is impressively supported by our strikingly low rates of staff turnover.”– Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth

Würth connects – also in sports

Würth creates connections: be it screws or anchors, without fastening and connecting elements, the world would literally fall apart. By the same token, sports connects people on all continents. Team spirit, enthusiasm, motivation and success-oriented thinking are essential in the world of sports. These values perfectly describe Würth’s corporate culture, which is why we are deeply involved in sports sponsoring.