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The highly flexible Kanban systems offered by Würth Industrie Service under our CPS® KANBAN service brand help you to make your warehouse and production effective and transparent. Kanban systems are used to supply indirect materials – mainly by major industrial customers for the manufacturing of machines and products as well as for other production processes.

Learn more about how the Kanban principle, Kanban systems, RFID systems and related solutions from Würth Industrie Service help you to optimize your production processes.

Kanban system and principle

The principle of the Kanban system, which originated in Japan, is simple: it is a rolling two-bin system that, in contrast to traditional supply methodologies, provides C-Parts "just-in-time" directly at the point of use. The system can be easily adjusted if requirements or volume changes, simultaneously ensuring maximum delivery and supply security with reduced inventory levels and minimal capital commitment.

Different forms of optimal Kanban management

We implement the most suitable solution for automatic replenishment at your site, tailored to your required items and to your individual work situation and requirements. We focus on maximum availability of the right item in the right quantity in the right place at the right time.

RFID Kanban systems for supply management

Kanban management
Digital & intelligent

Complex logistics processes increase the demands on automated solutions. Our digital and intelligent solutions help you to optimize your supply chain and make Lean Management or even Industry 4.0 a reality in your company.

Kanban bins
Patented & secureKanban bins

A wide range of articles for production requires appropriate storage. Often the production halls are overcrowded with shelves and the use of storage space is inefficient. Our Würth small load carriers offer an effective alternative for your material flow.

Kanban Service
Individual & efficient

A replenishment within a Kanban system is dependend on the demand, your industry, your needs and your c-parts requirements. Together with you, we agree on the level of service in the Kanban.

Kanban information platform: WIS-Portal

The specially developed WIS-Portal offers you complete transparency in the Kanban process! Bin status, article location and filling quantities can be called up at any time with just a few clicks. Besides, the platform provides consumption analyses as well as turnover quantities and gives you access to material and test certificates, invoices, delivery notes, order messages and article data lists.