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Metal Division


Würth's tools and various consumables have always been synonymous with quality. We offer a wide range of consumable products including manual, electric and pneumatic tools, providing customers with high-quality products is our product strategy.

Our product service includes as below

Metal business

Mould/plastic injection

Mould tube cleaning

Release agent

Finished products post-processing supplies

Metal processing/Consumables

Cutting/grinding consumables

Electric/pneumatic/hand tools

Screw retainer and washer

CNC lathe

Clamping Workpiece Bearing Related Tools

Cooling oil lubrication maintenance and HHS lubrication series

Food processing

NSF certificated

Factory repair and maintenance

Lubrication maintenance and HHS lubrication series

Assembly and subsequent processing

Screw retainer and pad film various hardware, adhesive, sealing products

Anti-rust/rust-remover products


Labor safety assembly supplies

Metal Division Brochures

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