Consumer who shop on the Wurth Taiwan online shop are entitled to a seven-day hesitancy period in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. However, the hesitancy period is not a probationary period, please note that the item you have returned must be the original state (the original state means at the time when you receive the goods) and maintain a complete package (including the body of the product, accessories, gifts, warranties, original packaging and the integrity of all accompanying documents or data), and do not miss any accessories or damage the original packaging box. Remind you that any loss, damage or missing item may also deduct the costs to restore the status quo ante, depending on the extent of the damage if necessary.


After the consumer orders the goods through the website, it will be delivered by the website to the designated recipient via logistics provider.

Customer can get free delivery for every single oder value over NTD 2000, or otherwise will be charged an additional NTD 100 for the shipping fee.


The general product will be delivered within 3 working days; please contact our customer service or your sales for pre-order or special product delivery.


For the dangers arising from the packaging, transportation and delivery of the goods, and also the lack of parts, contamination, errors, etc., please refuse the goods at the moment and ask forwarder return the goods to our company.


Please contact us before return the goods, and read carefully the following procedures as below:

  • The returns must be made within 7 days of arrival.
  • All return items must have original tags, packaging, and has not been installed, used, or modified (i.e. your item must be in the same condition that you received it).
  • If you believe you have received defective or incorrect merchandise, you must contact us within 5 days of receipt and provide a photo of the defect for verification.
  • Must return the goods with its debit note or original invoice.
  • Returns are not acceptable for any products ordered via air freight or any discontinued products.
  • Returns are not acceptable for any customized products.
  • Wurth Taiwan reserves the rights to process any return goods with local regulations.


  • Company that already have sales rep serviced: Please contact the sales rep directly.
  • Individuals or company without sales rep serviced: Please contact our Customer Service: (037) 721-100.

Payment method

  • Existing customers : Original payment method
  • New customers and end-user (no sales reps service) : Collect by HCT Logistics

Refund method

  • The refund will be temporarily stored in your personal account after the goods acceptance. Or the payment can be deducted directly from your next payment.
  • If there is no immediate shopping demands, We will make a refund in the middle or the end of each month to the bank account that you provide to us.
  • The balance transfer would be completed after we’ve received the goods and your account information. (subject to deduction of handling fee)


  • Please note when filling out the refund account: the debit card number is not equal to your deposit account. Please double check your info before submitted.
  • For general bank account, please do not add the bank code by yourself. Only fill in the account number in the account field to avoid any transfer errors or failures.
  • For the Post Office (code 700) account, please fill in [branch number] + [account number].
  • Please fill in the following information correctly. Wurth Taiwan Co. Ltd. is not responsible for any transfer errors/failures that caused by personal type-in mistakes.