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We are not just sales representatives!

We have a sales team of more than 400 people. In addition to sales, we also provide you with various product training so that you can gradually become familiar with using our products for work. We bring you our experience and philosophy, such as ORSY® management system. With these concepts, we will become your professional inventory manager and customize the inventory management plan for you. This not only helps you save costs in inventory management, but also improves your work efficiency and brings you more money!


In order to serve our customers faster and more conveniently, Würth Group has launched a telesales channel in China since 2018, which is also an important step in Würth Group's multi-channel sales strategy. It will be the same as our direct sales channel, eshop and a series of sales channels. As our customer's contact, we will provide our customers with a variety of pre-sale and after-sale professional services needed.


Make the system work for you

Würth E-Purchasing

Open business connection

Provide real-time inventory, material and price inquiry based on the docking connection of Würth online shop

You can enjoy the convenience of Würth online shop while using the local ERP services

Fast docking, comprehensive information

Purchasing catalog platform docking

Customize based on the purchasing catalog platform you have cooperated with

Simplify daily product search and purchasing needs

Further reduce operating costs

Electronic data docking

ERP between enterprises uses standardized electronic file format to transmit data, improve the operation efficiency of both sides

Especially applicable to the interaction of purchase order, order confirmation, delivery information exchange, invoice and other information