Opportunities and Challenges to Achieve Careers in Taiwan Wurth Company

Welcome to visit the official website of Taiwan Wurth Company and pay special attention to the human resources section. With this platform, we will introduce the development plans, actions and major events of Taiwan Wurth Company and its various departments. We hope you continue to follow and support us.

More than 77,000 employees. More than 33,000 long-term business sales representatives. In 2018, the Group's global sales reached 13.6 billion euros. Early on, Professor Ryan Wurth has laid down basic values for corporate culture such as optimism, activity, mutual respect among employees, affirmation of achievements and willingness to provide the best service to customers. These corporate cultures are the driving force behind WURTH's success.

At present, Taiwan Wurth Company has more than 300 excellent sales representatives in Taiwan, and has established a comprehensive sales service network throughout the country. It is the infinite wisdom and unremitting efforts of the Wurth people that have promoted the continuous development of the Group's business in Taiwan. We regard employees as our most valuable asset. We value employees' personal development and provide consummate training, opportunities, diverse reward systems and clear career development paths.

Due to the rapid development of business in Taiwan, field sales will exceed 500 people in the next few years. In order to ensure effective leadership of this huge direct sales team, only dozens of regional managers are needed. Therefore, we look forward to more people with lofty ideals and various circles Elite join. You are welcome to apply for any job vacancy posted on this website. What you have here is an international platform that will be integrated into an enthusiastic and highly professional team. You will face new challenges every day, break through yourself, and show you more capabilities.

Wurth Taiwan is looking forward to growing with you.