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Cargo Division


The Cargo Division not only provides comprehensive products for commercial vehicles, workplaces and personals, but also focuses on providing systematic integration services to help our partners improve operational efficiency and profitability.

Our services and product lines are provided to workshops for commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural, logistics and fleet management companies. Wurth TW provide systematized services and products which are tailored to different business type for ensuring enterprise fleet management with best performance.

We define ourselves as "a provider of system integration solutions for transportation industry", maintain a mutually beneficial and co-prosperous cooperative relationship with enterprises, and commit to be a sustainable business partnership model.

Our product service includes as below


Additive, maintenance lubricant, coolant, adhesive

Sheet metal

Car beauty,sheet metal painting, cleaning and maintenance

Electric motor

A/C system, machine engine repair and maintenance


Repair and maintenance for brake system, tire disassembly supplies


Labor safety assembly supplies

Car Detialing

Car Cleaning, painting, wax


Vehicle parts body fastener series, gasket rubber ring series

Electronic parts

Electronic connectors, wires, bulbs


Electric series, pneumatic series, screwdriver series

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